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Grey vibes

grey_white grey_white01 grey_white04 grey_white08 grey_white06 grey_white03 grey_white09How did the week go so fast? We only have two more days in DC and then off to New York for fashion week! It’s really cold here at the moment and you can probably see it on my face … we shot this downtown you might spot the White House behind me, I love DC so much it’s crazy I love the fact it’s the capital a big city and yet it’s liveable don’t get me wrong I love London but it’s way too crowded. When the sun is out I wear my bright colours and when we have grey days well grey vibes, I love pale grey at the moment paired with blush pink (my favourite combo lately) I love white in the winter if you know how to keep it white lol

I had to get a Starbuck to warm me up because it was so cold

I hope you like the look, I live in my J Crew cashmere and my white denim lately, I bought a white cashmere yesterday (1 more in the closet) Hope you all have a nice day and aren’t too cold wherever you are, here it’s snowing so I am definitely going to wrap up warm today for our day out. Off to NYC on V-day and can not wait for a romantic dinner and Fifty shades of Grey 😉