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Good morning friends!

I hope you are keeping warm wherever you are, here it’s still really cold in New York but it’s getting better or we are better dressed by now maybe. We had a quick evening walk in Central Park the other night and even if I was freezing, I could not get my hand out in the cold for more than 1 min but it was all well worth it because the park was beautiful, a lovely white layer of fresh snow and frozen lakes. It’s funny how I have loved this city since I was 10 and I have never stopped. My favourite time of year is still the summer with beautiful sunsets and longer and warm days but the city impresses me in the winter too, the colours in the evening reflecting in the snow and how cold it can get and how different it looks in each season (hand on is this a love letter to NYC?) no just kidding this will be for another post on the city that never sleeps.

I have not packed a lot for winter weather because I also had a lot of summer clothes in my suitcase so we had to make choices. I only took a bit winter coat and two pink coats (my love for pink is never ending) I wish I had had more choices for two weeks but hey. I wore this pink coat the other day with quite a few layers underneath as you can imagine and also a few layers under the jeans and my snow boots which have been a life saver. I love wearing white when it snowed it’s such a beautiful background!

I hope you like the look and you keep following our little trip on Instagram if not follow me along @sylviassparkles

Sending you hugs from the frozen land!


Coat: old Debenhams, Jeans: J Crew, Bag: Longchamp, Scarf: Caroll and Zara