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Home inspiration

Home Inspiration for your Tuesday, L. and I are looking into houses at the moment just to get an idea of what we could get for our money and I am getting over excited with interior design. I am obsessed with neutral colours especially for the home, I have white sheets at home at the moment and I feel so calm and fresh when I step into my bed at night.

Our home will mainly be full of whites, grey, beige and touches of colours like blue. I also love big windows and bright light so my first big work in a house would be making sure there are plenty of windows and the rooms are as open as possible (slightly claustrophobic)

What about you how do you see your home? how is your home? Share links to beautiful designs if you have some!

Photos from left to right: Studio mcgee, Pinterest, Pinterest, Studio mcgee, Pinterest, Pink Peonie’s home

xo S.