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In the field

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Good morning little sunshines! I am super duper busy this week so this post is going to be quick but I hope you enjoy it!

We shot this over the weekend when we went to visit some friends in the beautiful countryside. It was ever so refreshing to run through the fields (not so lovely was the yellow powder that ended up on our clothes) I have had that little outfit since last year, it’s a Reiss separates and I love it so much, it’s chic yet casual with the shorts. I added a little while blazer to make it a bit more smart and this cute cross body that is also from Reiss last season and that I adore and I am so glad this colour is still ok for this season.

Talking about Reiss have any of you been to the Reiss sample sale? It’s at the music room by Bond Street, I queued for about 40 min but it was worth it, they had some amazing stuff and the prices were just what I wanted. I scored a bit sweater for £20 and a skit for £20 too. There was a coat that is still on their website for £200 and it was £90 … I did not go for it but I have been dreaming about it all night (seriously) It’s until Sunday I believe so if any of you are fans of Reiss make sure you go they also have lovely pieces for men.

Well after a very long day of Press events yesterday and a fun date night at the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we got back home around 11pm and then I had to wash my hair (a killer at that time of night) so I am feeling rather tired but I have to wake up because I am starting my conference with Skimlinks in exactly 45 min and YES I am still home thank god I don’t live far! Keep following on Instagram for sneak peak of today’s adventures! I will be at the Kensington Roof Garden all day and evening so it should be fun!

Have a wonderful day


Ensemble/Separates (however you call it) Reiss

Marks and Spencer blazer

Reiss bag

Vintage necklace

Madewell and Thesis of Alexandria bracelets