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Blow me away

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Good morning everyone!

I am sharing my wonderful experience at the Blo Blow dry bar in Covent Garden. I had a truly amazing blow out last week, my hair felt so soft and gorgeous. There is something about getting pampered and getting your hair done to perfection.

I curl my hair at home but honestly I would not share any tips because I am rubbish most time I only braid my hair when wet so it gets curly later (sad emoji face) I chose the ‘Pillow talk’ on the menu because I love an effortless look, it was the perfect combination between beach waves and a Hollywood glamourous look. It was as equally sensual and innocent. The girls at the salon are fantastic and ever so kind, we had a really fun time. I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep, there is something about hair dryers that make me fall asleep (am I the only one?) We had drinks and a nice music to chill and just let someone else do the work for once. You know the effort in the morning isn’t worth it, trust me for £28 I could be doing this every week morning.

You can totally get discounts if you book in advance and they give you a me membership card and once you have reached 7 blow outs you get the 8th for free!! Isn’t that just heaven?

My hair was conditioned and treated and I also enjoyed a little head massage which trust me you would anyone to sleep (especially this stressed little one over here!!!) I still have to master the curling process with a straighter! Anyone mastered it already? I found that my curls were actually much better but still can’t do it myself.

I was so happy that I booked myself in for another Pillow Talk this Thursday as I have a full on press day and events in the evening I thought it would be perfect and then I am picking my friend up from the Eurostar for the long week! My curls stayed on for 3 days yes 3 days and 3 days of clean hair trust me I am not lying so while I walk around the city on Friday with my friends I will look effortlessly curly 😉

Thank you so so much to the Blo Blow Dry Bar for this amazing experience and for a wonderful team!

My appointment was gifted from the salon but all opinions are my own

xo S.