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February in 6 steps



Hey guys live from DC, I wanted to share a quick post with you today. A few things to do or get in February, I love winter especially November and December because of the holiday season, January is usually dull or busy making new years resolution but February is very hard, the weather gets even worst than the months before, the snow comes in and even if I love the snow my skin and body is in need of sun and happy thoughts. So for me February is all about adding touches of fresh and bright things, for me it’s usually flowers, but it can be changing your decoration to some Spring tones or even buy a new cook book with salads and smoothies recipes. It’s also about Fashion Week so the feeling of going into store and seeing those Spring Summer colours and patterns, it makes me happier and I tend to start planning my summer wardrobe! Keep taking care of your skin and hydrating it a lot mine gets really dry in the winter and putting a thick cream on in the morning really helps. If you are like me you will be dreaming of sun all month so if you have the opportunity take a trip and go spend a week or two in the sun it will help power through the rest of the winter.

Have a wonderful day