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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

hubby_me_and_tree Christmas_tree_pop_of_red Christmas_tree_shoot_ Christmas_shoot Christmas_tree_picking Christmas_tree_shoot red_white_outfit_tree

 One week until Christmas, you guys time flies it’s crazy. I have started to pack my luggages for the holiday  and there is a lot of white, red and warm tones. I look forward to be spending some time with family, this year we are spending Christmas with my family in Bruges, it’s usually either in London or my home town in France but this year my mum felt like strolling the Christmas markets in Bruges so off we go. A few more days of packing and cleaning and parties and then we are off for a few days.

We had a lot of fun picking up our tree a few weeks back, it’s a fun tradition that we love as a family is to go and walk around the tree farm and enjoying the beautiful smell. We took a rather big one as our ceiling is hight I love when it takes most of the space at home makes me in full spirit. It was freezing that day and I think you can see that on the hubby’s face … hahah poor thing!

I have finished all my gifts and am almost done with emails and blog posts and then I will take a nice long break for a week to get my head around the new year and future projects.