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Jumping through the field

field-shoot field-shoot04 bailey_nelson_pink_sunglasses field-shoot05 field-shoot06 field-shoot02 field-shoot001 field-shoot07 field_shoot_B&W field-shoot09


Have I ever told you how much I love running though the fields? Remember my shoot with my BFF last month? Honestly a pure bliss to run through a field and feel like the world is your oyster. I have had that floral romper for a couple of summers now, we were actually going to shoot this look on the beach and we missed the turning and ended up in front of those magnificent fields (we prayed so hard for the owners who were lurking out their windows not to tell us off)

If you follow me on Spnachat @sylviassparkles you would have seen that I finally had my hair coloured, it slightly burnt under the sun, I had done it when back from the Caribbean in February and then we went to Italy and France. It was about time …

Do you love sunglasses? I have a few pairs for every occasions, some blue, black, brown and those cute pink ones that Bailey Nelson sent me and I am utterly in love, I love the 70’s hollywood style. I can totally see myself in Holiday with my a midi dress that is white and pink stripped oh and my Cadillac waiting outside of course.

Well enough silliness for tonight folks see you tomorrow and don’t forget follow us on Spnachat

Chicwish romper, Bailey Nelson glasses ℅, Ri2k handbag (I know a lot of you loved it from Instagram)

xo S.