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Grey days call for grey tones, I have been obsessed with Esprit for as long as I can remember, there is a point though when I thought It was too basic, you all relate right? the basic tees. I am so happy to have re discovered the brand a couple of years ago and to have found that they have really cool stuff (or maybe I am just growing up after all) They have super cool casual looks for really good prices. I thought it was a tad too much when I was in France for some reason, maybe it seems less in £ …

I have been teaming up with Esprit to bring you guys a few of my favourite from this season, I am obsessed with this sweatshirt, it has stripes so why wouldn’t I, I wore it a lot this summer always chunked it in my bag for evenings out or on location shoots when I get cold sometimes. I paired it with a cute little Esprit dress that I got last summer on SALE for £7 (see I told ya it was cheap)

We walked a lot around the city on Saturday so my converses were obligatory (I switch between converses and new b’s for long walks in the city) only Carrie Bradshaw could walk the streets of New York in heels let’s not fool ourselves.

A big thank you to Esprit

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