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Liam is 1





Liam is ONE …

OMG how did this happen, so first things first Happy Birthday baby boy … one day you will be all grown up and you will read this blog and think damn my mama was crazy documenting our entire life on the internet … well that’s if the internet still exist or if I have paid my hosting bill on time by then hahah

You are one and you have changed our lives forever, you are the light and joy in our days and you bring so much laughter around.

Here are a few things people need to know about you …

Liam Jason Dennis

Taller and heavier than the average

8 teeth 4 on top 4 on the bottom (very sharp)

You love Nutella (oops)

You have a sweet tooth like mama

You walk, run and climb everywhere

You love your toys but if you could play with a box all day long you would

You have a very strong character (again I am sorry haha) you will get really crossed if you don’t get what you want

You are so sweet and funny though

You laugh at your own silliness

You clap hands, slap your head when you have done something bad, say UH OH when you did something naughty, love wearing other adult shoes but your own …

You hate putting clothes on

You get scared easily by a noise and run to mama for comfort

You sleep 12h at night and love your teddies

Cuddles are one of your favourites (but let’s not push it you will get a 20 seconds cuddle mama and that’s enough)

Baby boy we all love you so so so so much

Happy Birthday 

xo S.

Beautiful paper pompom garland by the talented Deco Pompoms, you can find her on ETSY