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Lounging with Beaumont

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Evening! Been super late in my post today we had a few power cuts in France today and then I got lazy, I am sharing with you a home and lounging look with Beaumont Organic. Grey and white are two colours I tend to choose for our homes because it’s fresh and simple especially when you have apartments you want to make it look bigger and feel brighter. I then usually buy only white and grey for my home wear and loungewear, I love the luxury feel of Beaumont Organic perfect for cozy Sunday mornings in bed reading a good book or for rainy night in front of Netflix (don’t be surprised we are all Netflixing on weekends some just don’t want to admit it) with the years I become a couch girl I love nights where I look at my calendar and I am like ‘oh wow no events tonight’ it’s such a good feeling to jump in my cozies and chill at home!

I highly recommend Beaumont if you love organic luxury made in England clothing

xo S.

Beaumont Organic sweatshirt and trousers ℅, Ray Ban glasses, Ottoman Hands  necklace, Astley Clark bracelet