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It goes without saying that life lately has been a bit hectic, so many changes in our lives, lifestyle and just the entire world around us! Sometimes between everything going on around us, at work and with our families we forget to take care of ourselves as it often feels like another thing on the to do list. It’s easy to let the little things that can help us be at our best slip to the bottom.

I don’t know about you but with gyms being closed for so long and so many weeks of not really being allowed to go out has taken a toll on me. I miss my yoga/pilate class and I miss my long walks with the family. Exercise can do wonders to our body and our overall health so even if it hard to make time and or find the money to do so it’s so important to find a routine that suits you and your lifestyle.

My goal is to increase my energy, detoxify my body and give me a right emotional boost. I know a lot of people will think ‘weight’ but it’s so much more than weight, it’s about your mental health, it’s about how much you drink in a day, about how strong you feel, about who refreshed you feel in the morning.

Scroll down for a few restorative wellness practices you can do to start your day!

Drink a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning as well as keep your fluids up during the day. Hydration is key and to me the most important thing! I drink around 2l a day and when I don’t I end up with a headache and I feel completely deflated. It’s also super good for digestion and the lemon will give you an extra boost of vitamin.


Do your yoga/walk/exercise in the morning it will give you that boost you need to kick start the working day. It does not have to be too long, it can be a 30 min walk, a 20 min yoga or a quick run! Take your vitamins, I personally take iron everyday as I am anaemic and I do cures of vitamins a few times a year for the whole family.


Make sure you hit ‘pause’ when needed. I find that during the day at least once I feel overwhelmed and tired so I just put my phone on silent and I lay down on the bed and close my eyes and breath deeply for 15 min. Power naps/breaks are super essential for me. I then take a good peppermint tea when I get up before heading back to work.


Always get dressed! Even if it’s in your yoga outfit but take the time to get ready especially if you work from home it makes a big difference (also make your bed haha). My go to this summer has been these gorgeous Mood Apparel shorts, they are such a good quality and really make me feel so comfortable.


Have dinner early, this is a big change I made to my daily life and I am so happy about it. I used to have dinner super late and now we do dinner for 6pm and I feel like I digest so much better.


At home spa, I try and do 3 facial masks weekly it’s important to look after your skin too, I find my skin is much better and happier if I drink a lot! I avoid makeup as much as I can and aside from my mask, I wash my face twice a day especially before bed and I moisturise a lot too!


Set your diffuser on and switch the tv off, read a book and avoid your phone in bed it’s a mood killer haha My diffuser really helps me sooth and the essential oils are wonderful for calming nerves.

I can’t praise Mood Apparel enough for those shorts, they have many colours and they also have tops and sweatshirts. Such a cute little brand and they are super comfortable and flattering! I am looking forward to buying the leggings to go back to my yoga class!

Look after your family but don’t forget yourself!

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