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MBFW Ella_La_Petite_AnglaiseElla from La Petite Anglaise 
_DSC0395 Julia_Gal_Meets_Glam

Julia Galm Meets Glam


Monika Hibbs and Mara

Monika from Monika Hibbs and Mara from M loves M 

Nicole from Gary Pepper Girl
NYFW Pink Peonies and Gal Meets Glam

Rachel from Pink Peonies and Julia from Gal Meets Glam 


Kat from With Love from Kat



Today I am sharing a few highlights from NYFW, I was lucky enough to be in NYC for the Fashion Week and saw some gorgeous ladies out there. Met with a few bloggers for coffee and bumped into others while at the Lincoln Center. It’s such a fab time to be in the city (minus the cold and snow) but to be able to see all those cute faces you only see on the web and people you only talk to by emails.

I will be posting some of my favourite looks from the runway next week and maybe a few more looks from fashion icons as kind of a street style post.