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NYFW look

pinkinsnow pinkinsnow02 pinkinsnow01 pinkinsnow03 pinkinsnow08


Hello Friday, our week in NYC is over (pulling a terrible sad face over here) New York is by far my favourite place on earth and I hate leaving it … But this time I am off to the Caribbean and I have to say that leaving the freezing cold behind is not gonna make me cry this time. It’s been a wonderful week, we have done so much and have yet discovered so much.

Perfect time to end the week with my favourite coat (yes again my pink coat sick of it yet?) I swear next week we will have more bikini looks hahaha

I love to wear pink with similar shades when being feminine and then with denim for casual looks but with black it makes it just right, the black tends to be nice but a bit too dark for me so adding a pop of colour is always an option. Hope you like the look and see you next week with some great summer looks to keep you all warm …

Have a wonderful weekend see you Monday folks and see you next time New York