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Sea Salt

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Hi guys, I am back!!!! I know I have been away for two weeks and I am so sorry it’s been so quite around the blog but I am back with so much to write about. I am changing the look of Sylvia’s Sparkles so stay tune I am sure you will love it. If there is anything you want me to add to change please email me I love to know what you guys want from the blog.

I shot this on our first week in France when L. was with us, we randomly decided to go for a picnic at the beach and it was dead quite and so nice to shoot and eat in peace. This dress is perfect for everything, I wore it in the city for a casual day shopping when it was really hot and it’s also super essential for beach days or evenings out. The colour makes it so simple to wear for any occasions, I love to have a few colourful things in my wardrobe but I seem to always come back to staples like navy, white or denims.

I have been using Ishga on my skin daily while I was there, the smell of seaweeds was in tune with the location, Ishga is an Organic Scottish Seaweed Skincare line that is purely organic and it comes straight from Scotland, the Hebrides are some of the cleanest waters in the world and the fact that the skincare is 100% organic makes it more special. My skin has totally loved the product, not only for the smell but also for it’s positive difference it has made to my skin. I highly recommend the brand this product in particular.

Thank you to Ishga for the product, the opinions are 100% my own and I am no expert in skin types so please if you are unsure of what suits you skin contact them directly.

Next dress ℅, Ishga body lotion ℅, Astley Clarke necklace, infinity ring, beaded ring ℅, Cross ring Tresor Paris

Thank you for reading xo S.