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Packing a carry on


The art of packing is not something I master to be honest, I always take way too many shoes and I don’t wear half the clothes I pack.

I have however tried to come up with a few tips and tricks that help my in the packing process.

(pieces in the top photo: Les 100 ciels mint dress and white jumper, Finlay &co sunnies, Next shoes, New Look shorts)


I start by making outfits according to what I want to wear, what the weather will be like and also according to some locations I found in the city. Gotta match a pink cafe with a pink dress right?


(Red shoes: New Look, Leather jacket: Next, White beach dress: New Look)

_DSC0446 _DSC0440

When it comes to beauty, I usually take essentials and a few nail polishes (ok a lot of polishes)

This time I am really being strict with myself, we are off for a few days and only allowed carry ons so this means a little plastic bag for the liquids under 100ml.

I collect samples and keep the ones that were given to me at press events and so, it’s always super handy when it comes to travelling.
I always have an anti bacterial bottle, eyes drop, nail polishes, night oil, day cream, mask, mascara, foundation, lipgloss, mini perfume, hand cream and body oil spray. You can find all my favourites at the bottom.

Untitled-1 pink packing Untitled-2 copy

As I said I roll my tops and jumpers and then lay my dresses inside of each other and do a little pile, the shoes can definitely go on the sides of the case or bag and stuff them with socks or little other things like an umbrella for example. I always stuff my hats with things too, like a start hat can go upside down so you still have space underneath and inside it you can definitely put your bikinis inside or scarves or even your adaptors if you are off abroad. I stuff my sunglasses in handbags so it uses the empty space and as far as my handbag, I always have my laptop, camera, chargers/batteries, a VOGUE or a COSMO, makeup and don’t forget that silly passport of yours … (yep happened to us)

Always wear the heavy stuff, trainers or boots and jackets or big jumpers nobody is ever checking your weight. I tend to take too many polishes or makeup stuff and in the end being away from home and being on the go to visit a place do you really take the time to curl your hair? change your polish every night? not really for me at least so for this trip I am taking a blush pink and a red so I have a light everyday colour as well as a pop of red. Shoes wise honestly prioritise comfort over anything, I always have one pair of heels for sure but then little flats and a pair of trainers are always necessary.

My main advice is to prepare outfits beforehand it will definitely help down the overload of clothing!

xo S.