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Pleated skirt

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Happy hump day!

I am sharing a very feminine look today on SS, I bought this skirt on ASOS last year and haven’t really worn it you know this type of situation when you clear your closet and you find pieces thinking ‘did I buy this? when?’ need to work on the memory Sylvia. I remember loving the colour when I bought it and I am glad I did in a way because it’s still a very lovely colour for this year. My blue sweater is a J Crew one (no surprise) and it’s monogrammed so it’s extra special to me (or it just means I can never sell it unless it’s to someone who has the same initials as me)

Those pumps? can we talk about them? I last wore them with a denim and chunky sweater that I posted back in January and this time I wanted to wear them with a more feminine look. Those shoes are perfect, I bought them on the major SHOPBOP sale back in January and they were under $100 £70. I think my favourite way to wear them is still with a skinny dark denim.

I have decided to try new looks with my hair, enough of straight or curly hair. My first step was to do this little fish tail, not so easy with medium length hair (which I am trying to grow a lot by the way) Any advice? pills? hair extensions until my hair grows? ideas are welcome. I need my hair colour though as you can see the sun from the Caribbean my brown/copper turned carrot and will keep turning blonde so there is a hair emergency right now. I also need to cut the ends because I have not cut my hair since last March yep a whole full year … oops

It’s mother’s day in the UK this weekend so we are heading to the beach house at Lewis’s mum and I will definitely be taking this outfit for Sunday lunch with the family!

Hope you like it as much as I do


J Crew monogrammed jumper

ASOS skirt

Schutz heels 

ps: someone asked me what my hair colours was recently, technically I am medium to dark brown with highlights of the shade I have now so one day I decided to colour the whole head with the same colour I had in my highlights. So my colour is Luo Colour from Loreal 6.24 shade and I buy them online, 2 tubes for my longer thicker hair £6 each and I do it myself at home much cheaper. I will do it at the Hair Salon about 1 or 2 times a year to have it done perfectly and have my hair cut. I do my colour every 2 to 3 months.