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Touch of lilac

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Is it me or lilac is the predominant colour for the season? I have never been a fan of purple so lilac is good to me, it’s a good mix between pink and purple, like lavender! I am crazy about this skirt, it’s one of the many new arrivals at J Crew and I am so glad I got it (on sale) in DC last month. I wore it in NYC with an all pink look and I have so many more ideas of how to style it. I will wear it with white in the summer but for now I thought as it’s not hot enough I could pair it with a comfy sweater from J Crew too (see the pattern over here) And then I had this cute bracelet with a mix of both shades which fitted perfectly for the look. A cute and simple clutch or a handbag depending on where you wear this look to.

My flats are from Coach, I bought them last year in DC at the outlet store and I am so happy only thing that makes me angry is that I did not buy the black ones too. They were reasonably priced and they are so comfy, I might need some new ones soon I have worn these ones out really. The colour is perfect for almost any outfit it’s neutral and classic, I wear them with any feminine outfits and also with boyfriend jeans it makes it a bit more feminine without having to walk through the city with heels all day.

ps: sorry for the creased skirt it didn’t not like the suitcase folding

J Crew jumper old (similar)

J Crew skirt out of stock (same one different colour)

Coach shoes (loving those)

American Apparel clutch

J Crew bracelet

Karen Walker sunglasses 

Michael Kors watch