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Rodolphe & Co

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Do you look after your hair? for a long time I did not aside from the occasional hair cut when I was in high school, I never used any conditioner or masks (I know crazy right?!). I have tried as an adult (in my head I am an adult I swear) to look after my hair a bit more, a lot of people think I should cut my hair actually my best friend and the owner of this brand (Rodolophe) hahah

I am a girl who has always wanted to have long long hair but for some silly reasons my hair stops at a certain length … I decided it was time to chop the ends more often to keep my hair alive. I also do a lot more masks AND I brush my hair a little more often. It’s hard to find a good hair care brand that won’t cost you a fortune, Rodolphe & Co has turned out to be my all time favourite. My hair is softer, stronger and a lot happier …

Not only my hair but my scalp is not irritated or dry, Rodolphe & Co only uses natural and organic ingredients which is simply created to make you feel even more beautiful! Brittany is where I grew up and where the brand is based so it means even more to me, it’s like I have a little bit of home with me in London. It’s almost like I can smell the seaside while washing my hair.

The brand has three products so it’s super easy and simple, one shampoo, one mask and a revitaliser. Made entirely in France it’s now sold in more than 300 salons!

Stay tuned for more from the brand they have a lot up their sleeves …

Rodolphe & Co. seeks to help you discover a unique new experience so take a chance and get yourself a new hair care range from my hometown you won’t be disappointed

xo S.

This post was not sponsored and is 100% based on my opinions