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Snow day




_DSC0411This week has been a bit of a mess don’t get me wrong snow is cute but it does create a little chaos. It took Lewis 2h to get to London to work, trains are cancelled, roads are crazy busy and so on. My mother in law is flying out to the US and I remember a few snow episodes we had while traveling haha. That time we spent Christmas in the Caribbean for 3 weeks and then headed to New York just before heading home for NYE … well let’s just say it did not go to plan we got from the small island to the main island for our flight which of course was cancelled so we were stuck on an island with fully booked hotels at a minimum rate of $600 a night (Todo I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore) …

We spent 3 days in the airport in 40 degrees … when the time came it was a right mess in the airport people were screaming Caribbean people rather too chilled at the time anyway I will avoid a few steps but let’s just say American Airline were utter shit and got us on a plane to NYC last minute running through the tarmac and sent our suitcases to Miami on a different plane …

Needless to say my tiny dress and flip flop did not match the -25 degrees and 50 cm of snow we found when landing in NYC … buying new clothes anyone?

Hope your snow days are more fun than that one … this week has been cute though indoors with Liam playing, watching tv, sipping hot coco and jammies all day long …

Stay safe out there …

xo S.

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