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Stressed but well dressed

Ok so who has a ‘non stressful’ life? If you do please tell me your secret because with me when life stops being stressful another thing comes along, funny right? 
Well this Zara clutch was meant for me really.
Don’t you just love the ‘stressed, but well dressed’ quote on the clutch? I saw it a couple of weeks ago and thought I had to put my hands on it!
It is now out of stock in the UK sadly but I am sure it will come back or is at least available in some stores! 
Zara clutch (out of stock but will keep you posted if it comes back) Coat: Zara (old) like this one, Hat: Zara (old) similar, Scarf: Caroll, Pants: J.crew, Boots: Zara (old)  love the J.Crew ones, Gloves: Marks and Spencer (out of stock) Similar Karen Millen (ON SALE)
Life is stressful but dress nicely it will definitely make you feel better 
xo S.S