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Stripes on dots

Jacket: Banana republic (similar) | Tee: Saint James (from my uncle) | Jeans: J Brand (similar) (ps: bought mine at Nordstrom rack for $50) | Shoes: J Crew factory, similar | Bag: Coach  | Earrings: Coast | Bracelet: J Crew and vintage | Lipstick: NARS Schiap  
Happy monday everyone! Bank holiday monday today and as usual it is raining cats and dogs outside the usual really, there is no bank holiday without rain! Plus it’s the last bank holiday of the year before christmas! Saturday I woke up at 11am, I know you might think I am lazy but I need my sleep like a baby so anyway after sleeping 12h straight woke up to a sunny day AND a 6 degrees temp … Can you believe this 6 degrees in August … Not sure I wanna know what the winter as in store for us … 
I am not fan of that summer/fall transition to be honest I have a hard time wearing coats and close shoes … I live for summer (wrong country you are gonna say) So jeans are my go to at the moment with some loafers and a good long sleeve underneath a simple fall jacket! I love Khaki this year (yes because I don’t always love it, seriously I have my moods) Khaki with striped dress underneath or just on top of a full on white outfit and a pop of leopard …
I have a thing for stripes I think you never have enough stripes, blue and white are my fav though (go breton) Stripes can be worn with anything really, stripes is the new black … Stripes with a white pencil skirt: yes, stripes with a white denim: yes, stripes with pants, short, dresses, overalls: yes yes yes and yes 🙂 
Talking about a colour being ‘the new black’ has any of you watched that new Netflix series ‘ Orange is the new black’ ??? We have watched a few episodes last night and it is very weird … weird in any sense you can think of weird, however for some reasons I need to know what happens so I will have to keep watching!
Hope you all have a lovely bank holiday monday, I am happy to have the hubby at home for one more day! 
xo S.S