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Wishlist Wednesday

Summer vibes


Good morning everyone, I know it’s deep winter and I know Summer is really far but I needed to share a few of my favourite summer things. I am day dreaming of warmer temps right now, I really get a little sad (no alright completely depressed tbh) in sort of January – February … you know, you start the new year with good intensions and motivation then comes mid January and you just want to escape to the sunshine for the rest of your life …

I always loved the beach (born and raised) but city then became my all time favourite, then I moved to the countryside (hello Hunter wellies and horse poo) fell in love with it (no the poo please the countryside haha) but living 15 min from the beach we have the best of every world … This summer I intend on enjoying every single aspect of the few sunny months, Liam will be a bit older and walking a lot better so I will break my days of work and take him to the beach for a long walk (aka face in the sand all day everyday)

My in laws used to have a house in the Caribbean and we had some wonderful times out there. Sometimes I think of it and wonder to myself, could I live on a sunny island all year round? and the answer is … when I am there ‘no way it’s to freaking hot’ and when I am now in cold England it’s more of a ‘yes way José’

I hope you enjoy those few bits I am sharing and that it inspires you to book a holiday or at least gives you a little boost to look forward to summer.

xo S.

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