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PJ day





There are days where you would rather stay in your pjs and watch movies all day with plenty of food to keep you satisfied haha well this does not happen a lot anymore with a little one but sometimes you have to just to recharge your batteries. Lucky for us we teamed up with a wonderful brand you may have caught the article already on our new Emma mattress (I am putting the link here again) my in laws kindly have Liam overnight once a week so I can do some work and some cleaning in peace and also sometimes meet the girls for lunch or just lay in bed doing nothing (which does not happen a lot let me tell you).

For me a good mattress is so important as I have back problems and since holding Liam everyday and him becoming a little heavier it’s getting a bigger problem (not him my back pain haha).

In a comfy bed, with a soft silky pj, strawberries and waffles … oh and maybe the reruns of Gossip Girl (thanks Netflix)

xo S.