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Free Holidays …

Free holidays? No way never in a million years … well, almost.


Have you ever thought ‘God, I love this house, if only I owned it’ or something … you know what I mean? Well, a few years ago (a little while after watching The Holiday) I discovered HomeExchange, people swap their homes for a holiday and sometimes cars too. At first, the thought of someone unknown being in our house was scaring me a little;, it’s always quite daunting to let someone you have never met and know nothing about stay in your home (and mainly my bed haha).

az home

Well, the process is very secure (yes I work with them, but I had my membership long before I started my blog so my opinions have not been bought). You find a home you like in a place you want to go and. You exchange messages with the other owners and decide on a date, etc. we always managed to get the keys from either a family member or a neighbour. My parents did this with a Canadian couple and swapped cars with them at the airport, and it worked out so perfectly. If you are retired (like my parents) or work from home, you can do like they did and exchange for a whole month or even more.


For me, I guess, what I see in this is that I absolutely love travelling. Ever since I was a little girl, my parents would take me on holiday every year and sometimes even multiple times a year. Remember the feeling the night before flying out of the country or driving really early the next morning … the more I got to travel the more it opened my eyes to the world. The cultures, the people, the food, the colours, the landscape, the clothes; everything is a source of inspiration and a daily reminder of how lucky we are to discover the world that surrounds us all.


Since having Liam, we haven’t travelled much because we wanted to spend time at home with the family. We also haven’t had much time and money as we did some work in the house too. We have a few home exchanges planned this year and I can not wait to share all of this with you.



HomeExchange is a way to travel without paying an accommodation, or the added expenses of eating out every time because you are at a hotel for 10/15 days, you know? I think if you only have flights or the journey itself to pay for it really does save a lot of money and, not only that, but you could exchange and find yourself in a stunning well looked after home and have the time of your life.


Travelling is a bit of a luxury,. I am lucky and ever so grateful to be able to explore the world, but sometimes if it weren’t for HomeExchange I don’t think I would be able to do as much.


I am listing my top 10 places because of their luxury looks. Now, there are a lot more ‘down to earth’ places and all are worth investigating I will come back with another article very soon on the top 10 places I want to visit and also the places we have been and the families we have exchanged with. Plus, if you are lucky, you may even see the link to our own house and my parents’ hahah


Let me know if you want to be part of this community and I will refer you. And, if you are already a fellow member and wanna swap homes 🙂 

You can find our home here.



xo S.