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Summer whites

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Good morning folks! I hope you are all well and enjoying the terrible weather we have in London at the moment! They announced a heat wave (my derrière, to stay polite) and it’s raining and super windy like winter storm windy! I have not done any shoots in weeks since we got back from Italy. I have been so busy as you can see with my lack of Instagram posts. I have a friend staying with me at the moment so we are going to shoot lots of outfits this week which should be fun, so stay tuned for our fun weekly adventures!

I love a good white outfits, you know the cliché of summer whites, I tend to have a lot of white in my closet in the first place but when Spring arrives I go crazy and buy a lot of white, wether it’s a white cable knit of cashmere (well I live in England it goes way lower than expected in the evenings) white shorts and shirts and especially LWD (little white dress). This one is from Gap from this season, I scored it on major sale it was £19 instead of £49 earlier this Spring. I love how feminine it looks but I also love how I can wear it with converse if I want to run errands and be comfy to run on the tube. I added a few accessories like my cute straw hat (hello little House in the Prairie) and some beautiful jewellery from Ottoman Hands, have you ever heard of the brand? I hadn’t until a few months ago and fell utterly in love, they have a nice range of pieces for everyone, they have thin ones and some bigger ones to make a statement. I did a little mix in this shoot between a nice white pendant and a thicket bracelet with a white stone as well but kept it thiner with the twisted stacking rings. I really love this brand and got some more pieces for a few more shoots and I can’t wait to share more of their pieces with you guys! I also am so in love with my market bag from The Basket Room, they have a million colours and are super particle! Will get more into details in another post!

Thank you to Ottoman Hands and Kudos PR for my pretty jewellery

xo S.