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The comfortable dress





Afternoon readers, I promise I will be much better at blogging in the new year (well after the baby is born haha) the first few months have been so tiring I was so sick I could not shoot anything and then my clothes were in storage for months! If you follow me on Snapchat you saw that my closet was finally done yesterday and I can now put all my stuff back where they belong… We have done all of the work we wanted to do in the house for now (in the new year we will tackle the kitchen and bathrooms)

It’s been a very busy time and I am rather exhausted to be honest! I will share a few photos of the house and Christmas decoration next week and then in the new year bit by bit you will get the full renovations so stay tuned for more home decor and baby style.

This dress from Les 100 Ciels has been a life saver for the last few months, it fits perfectly without squashing me, it makes me feel comfortable and rather happy with my bump, it’s so hard to find clothes that fits and toward the last stretch especially as nothing fits me and whatever still fits me makes me feel uncomfortable and way too tight.

I have not had much time to buy or work with a lot of maternity brands so it’s been a fun road!

This dress is NON maternity and will fit whoever wants to wear it, it’s baggy yet classy and fun! I am even looking forward to wear it this spring with trainers or sandals.

Hope you like the look!

Thank you to Les 100 Ciels for always supporting my blog!

xo S. 

Dress: Les 100 Ciels ℅, Boots: Unisa ℅, Bag: Longchamp, Hat: Gap