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Malvern Hills








If you remember last month we went to the Malvern Spa between the Cotswolds and Wales for a spa weekend β„… and the next day we did not have anything planned and thought for once we will just go with the flow and see where the car takes us.

I like last minute unplanned adventures, we started driving along the countryside and found the Malvern Hills … we will definitely have to go back soon because it got back really early and we missed a few stunning views but honestly we were both amazed by the beauty of this region. The colours during autumn, the views, the tranquility and the fresh air.

I am wearing a jumper by Woolovers, I have only just discovered them recently and really love their pieces, they are fashionable, simple and super affordable. I was lucky to receive a few for this weekend (nude cardi and poncho coming up) and this one really was perfect for that cold autumn day in the hills.

I am not going to lie I have almost 70 jumpers (addiction over here) but I did not have a sort of cable knit in a nutmeg kind of colour and I am really glad of this addition to my closet.

I have also secretly been collecting the red cups from Starbucks they are so cute this year πŸ™‚

Jumper: Woolovers β„…, Jeans: NYDJ β„…, Scarf: Aigle β„…, Boots: Zalando β„…, Sunnies: Bailey Nelson β„…

xo S.