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Winter jacket

Canada_Goose_01 Canada_Goose_04 Canada_Goose_02 Canada_Goose_09 Canad_Goose_03 Canada_Goose_05 Canada_Goose_11 Canada_Goose10 Canada_Goose_12 Canada_Goose_08 Canada_Goose_07Evening everyone!

Fancy yellow? I love a good pop of colour I used to have yellow Hunter boots and loved them. Have you all heard of Canada Goose? Fully made in Canada for the cold very cold days in the snow (sadly not quite like England) It’s a very popular brand at the moment and I am so glad to share my favourite park with you all. It’s such a warm coat no need for snow, it’s really cold here I hate the humid wet and windy weather we have in this part of Europe it really is the only thing that makes me wanna run away from England. I feel so warm in this jacket I could spend the day outside.

Can we talk about the hood? It’s so big I could put two head in there, it’s amazing how you can just hide in there from the wind and feel so protected and dry. They have a lot of colours you can choose from, I love the black and white ones for their simplicity but yellow and red are so nice to differentiate you from the rest. This jacket is not usually what I would pay for a winter coat considering as well we don’t get minus temperatures a lot … the maximum I have had in England was -15 five years ago in London after the snowfall. However I take this more as an investment rather than an impulse buy or a fashionable buy, yes it is fashionable at the moment but it will still be in 10 year especially if you buy a dark colour. Trust me you will use and re use this jacket and you will love the warmth so much you will want to wear everyday all day! It’s more like a sleeping bag really … hihihihi (just kidding)

I hope you like it as much as me! You can buy in online on their website otherwise their are a few places in London like Harrods and Harvey Nicks who carry the brand it’s better if you try them on first as it’s an investment.

Keep warm friends


A big thank you to Canada Goose for this post


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