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Do you have a favourite beauty brand? or a favourite brand in general that does beauty and clothing etc?

I have loved Chanel ever since I was a little girl, I think being French it’s such a classic brand, iconic really. I love their perfumes, the hubby bought me N5 a few years ago and said ‘every women should own a Number 5’ my all time favourite though has to be Chance, it’s so perfect for spring summer the smell of fresh air and flowers is perfection.

I love their makeup range, I switch a lot being a blogger I try a million different things and love a lot of brands to be honest but Chanel is where most of my favourites are from, I gotta say eyeshadows and nail polishes are my go to. I don’t buy them often but once or twice a year I buy some new shades.

I also love their clothing collection, for a stylish and chic lady and of course their bags … I mean who would not want to own a boy … you know a perfect boy the one that does not annoy you or say anything even … how perfect …
Saving for a boy at the moment not too sure if it will ever happen, here is to hoping!

Sharing my favourite Chanel products underneath hope you like them as much as I do they are a little luxury I am not going to lie but they last and they are worth it.

xo S.

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