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Keep you warm with Penfield

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Trying to keep warm in the winter is hard, I am and always will be so cold in the UK during winter. I had cold days back in France but not that bad, the first year I moved to London it went to -15, my bones froze literally.

I hate wearing coat normally so it’s super hard for me to find something fashionable and yet warm and essential. Penfield is a classic when it comes to parka and warm coats, we teamed up with the brand here in the UK to bring you a his and hers look with our jackets!

We chose the same colours because we love matching *alright no ok I love when we match the hubby not so sure* #bloggersproblem

We both felt so warm for our day in the country and did not want to take them off, snug as a bug in a rug really. Super warm not that heavy which is a plus if there is one thing I hate is feeling heavy and stuffy in a coat that weights a ton.

I hope you like the looks and that it will give you last minute ideas for essential presents, it can sometimes seem unnecessary to purchase a jacket like this but trust me you will always find a day where you would be glad you purchased it.

You can find the exact same jacket underneath!

xo S.

ps: stay warm