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Bathroom reveal

bathroom_decorations bathroom_decorations_kate_spade_style bathroom_style_decorations chanel_bathroom_essentiels Dana_decal_zebra_bathroom diptyque_candles zebra_decals_bathroom zebra_style_bathroomA very late post on this Monday, so sorry about this late article but for some reasons having the hubby at home made me think we were still Sunday and I forgot it was time to get back to work …

Today Tonight I am sharing my bathroom style with you guys, I have been so excited about this project seriously like a child in a toy store. We have two bathrooms in our apartment (god knows why) actually in England most rentals are for sharers so they believe that a two bedroom will need two separate bathrooms. Anyway I call it waste of space, my other bathroom in a blue and white stripes one (you can tell I am still a seaside girl at heart) but this en suite one needed a little funny touch, you know I love a good classic home, with pieces you can re use and colours that you will enjoy (mostly) all year round. However my bathroom is a place I like to spend time to get my makeup done and have a good long bath after a long day out in the City. So for me a funky look was definitely the way to go here. As some of you or most of you may know, Kate Spade has some wonderful fitting rooms, and the classic one has some zebras and arrows with a bright colourful background, I really wanted to re-create this look minus the bright colour in the background (still not bold enough to go that far, I am French after all I need to keep things simple and classic, but a certain je ne sais quoi doesn’t hurt) I teamed up with Dana Decals to bring this little dream to life and I could not be happier with the result. The team has been incredibly patient and kind, they have done wonders.

I spent a good afternoon putting them up and it was rather easy (although you might see it but one of my zebra lost his tail in the process, for some reasons it stayed on the paper and forgot to follow but no panic we got his tale back on track …

It’s amazing what you can do with decals, I always thought of words or big flowers to decorate a room when I thought of decals but it can be so specific and detailed which can bring a room to a complete different feel.

I hope you like the look of my bathroom and that you are as in love as I am with my gold zebras (I have not yet given them names but I am sure it won’t be too long until I do) Make sure you check their website they have a great amount of products and they are ever so helpful in trying to help you find the right size and the exact decor you want.

Dana Decals has also contributed to me office decoration and I will be sharing this little wonder with you in the new year!

All decals (zebras and arrows): Dana Decals c/0

You can find mine: here

This post was brought to you in partnership with Dana Decals, all opinions are my own. Thank you for following the brands that make Sylvia’s Sparkles possible.