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Beach ready with Free People

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Beach day anyone?

we shot this look back in the Caribbean and I have not had time to share it with you but I thought it was time, the days are longer and the weather is getting better, people are booking trips to the sunshine so now is the time to buy this cute swimsuit.

I was lucky enough to be in contact with Free People and their wonderful team sent me this cute swimsuit, it’s so nice to go paddle boarding or sailing or even surfing. We went sailing out there and sadly I could not take pictures because there was way too much water splash but I was glad I had this on even though it was warm it was really windy and the one piece was keeping my tummy warm. I have a slight obsession with swimsuits, I have always loved a good bikini, when I was young I would hate one piece why? because it would remind me of going to school swimming practice … now that I am 25 and a tad more mature I really appreciate them, they cover what needs to be covered and are very comfy.

This piece is a collaboration with Zinke, a swimwear brand that I adore so it’s even extra special to have a piece from a collaboration between two brands I love. The boho pattern at the front is gorgeous and I love the colours exactly as they look on the pictures.

You can check out their swimsuit collection over here they have some really good ones like this one or this one.

I love their clothing collection as well, they have really cute and trendy pieces! They also have some great running and yoga line!!

Free people swimsuit