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Weekend recap

photo 1-1Holly molly, the Christmas tree is up … does this mean I am officially allowed to watch xmas movies and start decorating …

photo 2

 Little pit stop for work at Jo Malone to smell their new holiday sent … the window was well decorated too!

photo 3

 A good American dinner at Joe’s was essential after a long week of hard work

photo 3-1

Well brunching is always but with that amount of glitters it was definitely my kind of brunch! Rebecca and Bobbi did an amazing job

photo 2-1

I surely love fall

photo 1-2

Those personalised pencils made just for us for the brunch … can you resist? Find yours at Dottie Rocks 

photo 4

I wanted to order the whole menu but finally decided on Bluberry pancakes … no need to say more the picture says it all

photo 3-2

Finally on Sunday we went to watch the NFL, Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions … The game was amazing (4h) and the Falcons were wining and the last second they lost … A majority of supporters were Americans and they were mainly for the Falcons you should have seen the ambiance …

Well hope you all had a lovely weekend, I have been a busy bee this weekend so did not do much today apart from 150 emails which is rather nothing compare to my usual day …