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When I think sport and jogging and so on I cringe big time, I am not much of an athletic so when I do go for a little run to distress or when I go for a yoga in the park I like to feel cute and wear something I could almost wear outside as a casual wear. I chose Sweaty Betty because they have the best range of yoga, beach and snow activewear. They have a cute little shop in Chiswick where we live and I love to pop in there to see what they have in store. They also do yoga classes in the shop how fun is that?

That top is super sexy honestly I mainly wear it around the house with just a bras and it feels so comfy as well the texture is just so soft on your skin! They seriously have the best stuff for all kind of sports and they have all kind of colours and patterns for the fun people me as usual I stayed in my blue shades.

I am not much of a skier but I might be heading towards a snowy place for a long weekend in a few months so I am so looking forward to see what they have in store for the winter, I remember last winter they have some really cool colourful leggings and ski jackets, might as well look super cute and funky while on the ski slopes.

I am considering doing a little yoga class in the shop soon anyone wanna join?

Thank you to Sweaty Betty for keeping me happy even when it’s dreadful to go to the gym!

All look ℅, similar top, similar bottom, love this for a few more swims this summer and that for my tennis or gold lessons.

xo S.