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 We always laugh when we see those lovely building with their little air con ruining the view … looks like little tv outside the window! 
 The marines were in town, we saw them everywhere I kept saying to L that I felt like I was in a film set the old days when the girls were over excited about the marines being in town 🙂 
 You’ve got to love NYC, going from one beautiful and chic street to a little less romantic scene … 
 We had a lovely brunch at Lafayette if you are ever in the area go for it it’s real sweet. I love how Americans are obsessed with everything french and making their restaurants look like old Parisian cafes  🙂 
 The view from our bedroom at the Hudson hotel was rather sweet, I like waking up and opening the blinds and see those big buildings it makes me ever so happy to be in the big apple. We loved the hotel style it was really beautiful and romantic, however our bedroom was the smallest in the world (my fault for having 3 suitcases) we told them we were so happy about our stay in the hotel and believe it or not they gave us a free night for the next time we are in the city? well let’s say their complaint management was better than the rest … 
When you are in NYC you just have to look up otherwise you are missing out … 
Have a wonderful weekend
xo S.S