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Cozy essentials



Good morning everyone, how are you? today I am sharing a few things I am currently coveting in the cozy/home department. I am in love with navy so obviously a good night shirt in navy will be my choice (or pink). I love to dress up everyday (most days) but once I walk thought the door I tend to get in my night wear or joggings, I love a good pamper night in watching a good film or tv shows (Pretty Little Liars) and do my nails, a mask and then after dinner I am ready to go to bed. I hate having to get my makeup off just before bed, it’s cold and I am usually super tired so at least if I take it off once I get in my face can breathe for a while!

Hope you like those little goodies and I have listed a few of them underneath (this Sachajuan hair spray is diving especially for my upcoming trip under the sun) I think this is exactly the look I would wear by the pool on a chilly evening after a long day in the sun …