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Creamy dreamy

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Cream makes me feel comfortable and fresh in the winter time, I love the light colours in the winter it makes me feel so much better than dark colours! I don’t often often wear black, I mean I have a few black pieces as every fashion girl needs but I much prefer neutrals and a pop of colours especially in the summer.

We have had a rather mild autumn/early winter so far and it was rather nice, now that Christmas is over it feels like we all wish for Spring to be just around the corner but sadly it’s not quite there yet …

I am not a patient gal and it’s becoming hard to dress up in the morning, it’s gotten really cold in London lately and I feel like the winter is going to be very very long …

Please oh please noooo… We are thinking of taking one big trip this year as we have a lot of other personal goals and home things to do so we might only do one trip only this year which sounds good though it gives us time to explore more of London and relax at home!

We are thinking LA and SF and it gets me dreaming of sunny morning walks on the beach … S. come right back down to earth it’s January it’s cold and deal with it.

Coat: M&S, Jumper and Blouse: Winser London ℅ , Scarf: Chinti and Parker ℅, Hat: Next ℅, Jeans: Velvet ℅, Shoes: Zalando ℅, Necklace: Ottoman Hands ℅, Gloves: Vintage

xo S.