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Denim on denim

Denim-on-denim06 Denim-on-denim05 Denim-on-denim04 Denim-on-denim02 Denim-on-denim01 denim_on_denim Denim-on-denim


Hello you guys! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, it rained for like 48h this weekend so not much was done outdoors. We are very much looking forward to Thursday because we have a 4 day weekend so almost like a week of work really. Hopefully by then the weather would have improved and we can all enjoy some sunshine and Spring outfits.

This look was shot randomly last week near L’s work, I love a casual denim look and all shades of blue especially when we are transitioning between seasons the pink and bright colours can be a bit too much and grey and dark to sad. I had no meetings in town that day so it was nice to just throw on some casual clothes and be comfy with my new balance.

I wanna buy New Balance’s in every colour like the J Crew ones are always amazing.

Hope you have a great week


Zara crop top

J Crew denim shirt

J Brand jeans

Michael Kors blazer

Coach handbag 

New balance shoes 

Kate Spade earrings 

Karen Walker sunnies