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Today I am sharing an all black look, I think it fits really well with the black and white homes of Belgravia area in London. I have been wearing my converses non stop lately mostly because I have been on the tube all day every day running between meetings and conferences. This week I had the pleasure of attending the ShopStyle conference at the PopSugar offices in London. I have met some wonderful people and see some I already knew and also learnt a lot to grow my business/blog and to get even better, so watch this space for changes and improvement.

I don’t often wear black but lately the weather is miserable, no seriously it’s been raining all week and it has been so windy I had the brunch my hair 5 times a day to untangle it (not fun) It’s officially the weekend here in the UK we have a 4 day weekend for Easter and I intend on enjoying it fully! We have so much plan (well I do the hubby who is probably reading this on his way home thinking ‘what I thought I could sleep for 4 days’) Anyway I hope the weather isn’t too bad I really want to enjoy walking around London and pilling up some shoots for the upcoming weeks. I have been so busy I forget to eat sometimes for lunch so I really want to prepare some fun meals this weekend for next week so I don’t forget to eat again … any nice meals you guys have made lately that you wanna share?

I also really want to start tackling videos for Sylvia’s Sparkles. I think it’s time I look into it deeper and start with an easy little one and see what you guys think!

Well I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead wether you are in the UK or not we should all have a nice and long weekend!



Ily Couture tee

Esprit cardigan

Jack wills denim

Karen Walker sunnies