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Every night luxury

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Evening everyone! I am a girly girl, I love heels and pink but I feel most comfortable and happy in my loungewear and sleepwear. I discovered Cozies a few months back and loved the simple and luxurious look to their range. I love a good red pj for Christmas but on a daily basis I usually go for light colours, mainly white and blush pink. We all need a cute gown to get out of bed, this one really makes me feel super fancy. It’s so soft and elegant and it has some lace embroidery details that makes it extremely feminine.

I sometimes just wear it around the house with just underwear it’s so much more comfortable and to be honest who does not like to walk around their homes in luxurious sleepwear. On a Friday morning I usually spend a couple of hours pampering before the weekend, I do my nails and do a face and hair mask and this gown is just perfect for this kind of morning as I can just drop it and jump in the shower without ruining my face mask.

I am super excited to have found Cozies and the girl behind the brand is every so sweet so I feel even more special knowing who is behind what I am wearing on a daily basis.

Thank you Cozies ℅

xo S. happy evening everyone!