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Have you checked Gloverall‘s new collection for this autumn? 1951 is all about those black and white photos that refer back to the early days of British Grand Prix racing. I love black and white photos so it attracted my attention straight away. The brand has been around since 1951 and for those of you who don’t know, their main product is the good old classic Duffle coat. I am not British but even across the water we all know about the Duffle.

My grand mother has been obsessed with the Grand Prix for as long as I can remember so it’s so nice to visualise it back then, I am quite feminine but I love a good preppy look and for me those matching 1951 sweatshirts look faaabulous.

‘The 1951 Collection makes a contemporary reevaluation of the Monty duffle coat, updating the classic boiled wool style featuring appliqué racking inspired motifs and pins.  Other outerwear highlights include all-weather raincoats, sport mid-length car coats and quilted rally jackets.’

Need your winter essentials? head over to Gloverall and check out their 1951 collection as well as their original collection for some beautiful pieces wether it’s a duffle coat, rain coat or a chunky comfy knit.

Need an idea for your man’s Christmas gift? a gorgeous scarf might be what you need (and yes I mentioned Christmas in October) It’s getting cold so a warm coat is a plus, I took my Gloverall coat (here) to France with me and I am so glad I did. I was in my small French town and I saw a Gloverall duffle coat in the window of a shop and I was so proud of wearing a piece from their collection.

Brought to you by Gloverall.

xo S.