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Californian treat

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Good morning, on this dull and cold Friday (is it just me or every long weekend is cold and wet?) Anyway I thought I would share this place with you to get you to dream … I have discovered this place a few years back through some blogs and fell totally and utterly head over heels with this landscape and the feel of this place.

The Ojai Resort is in South California and has been for decades, they have however kept the natural landscape and the white buildings are so special. The green and the views are ever so perfect, the husband and I are hoping to move to the US soon (cross your little fingers for us) and this place is definitely on my list.

I just dream of escaping the big city and chilling by this pool after a session of golf and a few drinks by the fire overlooking the mountains and the sunset.

Any of you have been there and wanna share your thoughts?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and this wonderful stays in your mind!

All photos are from the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa website and this is NOT a sponsored post, I am just in love with this place

xo S.