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Juices with Nutriseed

Afternoon everyone, are we all ok? looking forward to the end of the month for some social connections with people? I bet we all are and on top of it the weather is getting lovely and it really is a breath of fresh air! I am sharing with you today something that I have been doing for the past few weeks and I hope you will take some interest and maybe give it a try.

First of all, I am quite lucky I have never had any major issues with weight but as we get older we don’t lose it as quickly as we did when we were in our early 20’s and since having Liam I definitely could lost a couple of kgs and also change my lifestyle a bit. I do love a good burger like the next girl and I love trying out new restaurants and especially during lockdown getting some take aways delivered. I however love to feel healthy and for me a good diet is not about excluding everything we love but about BALANCE. Does this resonate with you? I find myself being a lot happier, less tired and my skin feels happy when I drink plenty of fluids and also when my diet is balanced. At the moment it’s harder to exercise, I definitely miss my yoga classes and I am not that good at keeping a home routine even though I have all the resources to do so and my yoga mat staring at me haha

Instead I walk, I try to keep active and with a little boy it’s easy, I drink at least 2L of water a day but I have always done that and I am back to having salads every lunch and in the morning I incorporate my usual smoothies and then in the afternoon if I am hungry I will have some fruits with yogurts or a cereal bar and then I try to vary dinners between chicken, fish and some good vegetables with the occasional weekend treat.

Life is stressful enough and if you find that going on a diet is not working and it’s too much then this is for you …

I have recently discovered Nutriseed and their 5:2 club which consists in eating what you wish for 5 days a week and the other 2 days you are on a juice cleanse. As I said I am not one for ‘a diet’ so this sounded a lot more appealing to me, I am all about knowing what’s in my food and my drinks and doing so by enjoying it. Back in the days our grand-parents definitely did not diet and also probably were not as tempted by eating out and did not have take aways, they had a balanced diet and nowadays we have more ways of looking after our health so it’s important to have a balanced lifestyle and find something that is close enough to normality.

I love juices and I love cold pressed so for me it was a yes to try something new, something that is not hard to follow and something that will taste yum! I have lost weight without feeling low and stressed and worried about what was going into my body. My favourite one was the Nujito (Lime, Cucumber, Apple and Mint) but I also loved the Indulge (Water, Almonds, Dates, Cacao, Cinnamon and Himalayan Rock Salt) they have a nice variety of choices for everyone’s tastes which is fab! You get a lovely Facebook community to discuss any questions relating to your diet, juices and also just share your ups and downs! It’s important to be able to socialise during those times, changing your lifestyle for the better is not about dieting or completely cutting off what you love it’s about balance as I mentioned and also about being careful to what’s inside your body, I personally do regular check ups and blood tests and I then know where I have to be careful, too much greasy food is not soo good for you and too much sugar either so it’s about balancing the diet and going for some walks or yoga or swimming and also plenty of water and some good sleep!

For the days where I am not doing my juices I have this amazing Nutriseed Total Superfoods for my smoothies and I had a little spoon to my fruits and almond milks and absolutely love it! Life is all about being happy and loving your lifestyle so if you feel like maybe you could make some changes this might help you make them!

Hope this has given you a few ideas and maybe this will prepare you for the spring summer and hopefully feeling comfortable in yourself!

This was brought to you by Nutriseed however all opinions are my own.