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Good morning, hope you all had a lovely weekend, it was ever so rainy here so we did some house work and ate some delicious food. We discovered Koro recently and when they offered to work with us I was super excited. I really love their approach to good packaging, sustainable ethics and their products are really wonderful. We chose a variety of our favourite, daily products so we could try a few different things. We love to add coconuts to our smoothies so it’s amazing to have such a large bag of them now, they will super handy when cooking different meals too to add flavours.

We discovered the White chocolate protein crunchies with strawberries and they are so amazing! I absolutely love the taste and they honestly add extra strength into my morning yogurt/fruit snack. I also tried the lovely oat milk in my smoothies or iced coffee and it was so delicious. I usually get Almond milk so it was a great change! We also ordered some peanut butter (big fans here) either in smoothies or on toast with slices of bananas and we also tried pecan butter and oh my yum! I love pecan especially in autumn for a pecan pie …

We also have some aubergine paste to add to either bread for toast as a start or snack and also in dishes and finally my all time favourite: RED VEGAN PESTO! I am a big fan of red pesto (more than green personally) and it goes so well with pasta dishes, sometimes I am in a rush and pasta can get a little boring so I just add a spoon or two to the pasta bowl and le tour est joué as we say in French.

If you fancy trying this lovely brand and incredible products enter SPARKLES5 at check out for a 5% off your order!

Thank you for following along!

This post was sponsored by Koro but all opinions are my own.