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Afternoon, it seems a lot of you are keen on finding new brands like Erbology, I have a lot of enquires about the quality of the products and I have had a lot of clicks on the links to see their website. I do love the design of their site too, the brand aesthetic is brilliant. They were ever so kind to send me a few lovely products to try and feature and I was sooo pleasantly surprised with this Organic Extra Virgin, I really had high hopes for this oil and it exceeded the expectations. It really makes a big difference to the flavour of our meals, it taste wonderful and has a sweet almond after taste which is lovely.

I used this oil for a lovely meal where I used a rather healthy wrap, some Kebab meat and added some coriander, avocado and goat cheese and I was not disappointed! I have also discovered their Greek Olive crackers, I mean I love crackers for snacks and I love olives so the taste really was amazing for me, I put those on a little plate and added some fresh tomatoes straight from the farmer’s market and well let’s say it was eaten very quickly by someone with tiny hands haha he loved it as much as I did, the Mediterranean flavours were a hit.

Finally I tried their lovely Aloe Vera juice shot, I added a little bit in my smoothie and it was quite nice, never thought I would be quite into this! It’s very good for your immune system (I have the worst immune system so always on the look out for new things to boost it). Also super good for your digestive system, we often talk so much at the dinner table that we often feel bloated during digestion.


I am so glad I got to discover this lovely company and their wonderful products, will definitely order more soon!


‘Food to make you feel good’

This post was sponsored by Erbology but all opinions are my own.