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Maple and Fitz

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If you know me well you know I don’t do vegetables but I am trying I swear I am trying, I found this little place of heaven called Maple and Fitz in the heart of London and I fell in love. I wanted to try a healthy place but be able to control my portions, so a salad bar was just the right thing for me. L. and I went one lunch and had a mix of their salads which was just fantastic (I am currently drooling on my laptop as I have not had lunch and it’s 4pm, don’t mind me) My two favourites were probably

CAULI IN MUMBAI  (gf, df, ve)
quinoa, roasted spiced cauliflower, shredded carrot, peppery rocket, white shallot vinaigrette

bulgur wheat, avocado, black beans, grape tomatoes, fresh jalapenos, red onion, coriander lime pesto dressing

I love quinoa, I have had a love hate affair with cauliflower but when Lew. does cauliflower cheese in the winter I die and go to food heaven. I have recently discovered (6 in the UK and we learn everyday) that we have cauliflower rice and couscous in Tesco? Anyway second one why? the avocado, I am obsessed with them I eat one a day (it’s green it’s good I don’t feel bad about it and neither should you)

We had two completely different drinks, I can do a green juice but only if it tastes like fruit and that ones was pure celery taste which was perfect for L. and mine was divine it was milky it honestly felt like christmas in a bottle (I know far from xmas). It was called hot date (wink) and had almond milk, date, cinnamon, vanilla bean, coconut.

We could not leave without deserts (hellooooooo I always have deserts) we took them away (oh yes you can take anything away to go back to the desk, eat in the park and so on) we had a Chocolate brownie it has salted caramel in it and was gluten free, I can’t even find the right words for it … chocolate and salted caramel, I have to say it twice sorry. We also had the ultimate granola bar, like literally the cutest bar ever you don’t care it’s healthy you just want to eat it.

I really like the concept, the girls there were so cute and welcoming and I also the fact that it’s mainly gluten free, I know so many people who are gluten intolerant and we don’t think about them enough. I have had so many stomach problem so sometimes I think a little gluten free doesn’t hurt even if we aren’t allergic….

A huge thank you to Adria the owner for having us and for talking us through her wonderful business here (and for chatting about travels)

Make sure you go to Maple and Fitz it’s to die for

ps: you might find me there soon for breakfast … have you checked the menu??????

xo S.