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Morning routine

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Having a morning routine is important for me as I work from home, I love to get up early on the weekend days to start working it feels so good being in control of time when you get up early. On weekends I often take my time, I sleep in (until 8 haha) getting up and not having to get dressed is such a great feeling. I like to start my day with a vegetables/fruits smoothie and a green mask on my face too perfect to start the weekend off.

This weekend we are off to Paris for my cousin’s wedding and although we won’t get much sleep I am super excited to spice up the weekend. I won’t have my morning routine so I will sure to get it on Tuesday when we are back.

Do you have a favourite morning routine? if so share with us your trips and tricks for a better morning and your favourite smoothie recipe.

We are all ears …

xo S.

Thank you to Plum Pretty Sugar for the robe, find the exact same one here