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Michael Todd

MT_collab MT_collaboration MT_collab02 MT_collab03 MT_collab04 MT_collaboartion05 MT_collaboration06 MT_collab09 Michael_Todd_07 Michael_Todd_USAMost people would write about what to wear for New Year’s but I have decided to just relax on this day and prepare myself for a busy 2015. When you are so busy and living in the big city you sometimes forget to look after your skin. I have had a rather bad skin over the last year, not sure why but I feel like I really need to step up this year and what better way to do so than using new products to ring the new year.

I have teamed up with Michael Todd to bring a new product to my routine. I had the choice between a cleanser, toner or a moisturiser and thought I would go with a good cleanser. This one is the Honey and Oat one and I love the smell and how it makes my skin feel once I have used it. A good cleanser is essential because after all the process starts with a clean and clear skin right? This really cleans your face deeply and gets read of the extra makeup. I wash my face twice a day because I feel fresh and ready to start my busy life once my face feels clean and perfect and in the evening if I don’t wash it I will feel like I have the weight of the world and the city’s dirt all over me and let me tell you, that will not get you your beauty sleep.

As a special thank you to all my readers for following along and being part of my journey Michael Todd was extremely nice to give 20% to all my readers at any time!

Isn’t it an amazing way to start the new year!

(I will be adding the link for the 20% asap just a little technical issue but not too worry it will be fixed and you can all enjoy your DISCOUNT)


Thank you to Michael Todd for this post.