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Raspberry like

paint-the-town-in-red08 paint-the-town-in-red06 paint-the-town-in-red paint-the-town-in-red03 paint-the-town-in-red paint-the-town-in-red00 paint-the-town-in-red01 paint-the-town-in-red008 paint-the-town-in-red65 paint-the-town-in-redbbThe sun is shining today and it really makes such a difference in people’s mood. Spring is here in London and it feels so good, I feel like winter has been here since October and 7 months is way too long for me. I wore this dress around Christmas time with tights and I was so looking forward to wearing it during Spring and also Summer with a little white blazer for chilly evenings. This is the type of outfit I would wear on occasions like a fancy dinner out or drinks with friends, I think you can definitely wear it with white converse for a casual summer day look if you still wanna add a little smart touch.

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